This is the LONGBOW Tournament entry page.

NOTE: This years tournament is on the Saturday and Sunday instead of the traditional Sunday and Monday

Saturday 2nd May

Round: 2-way Western

Assembly: 9.50am

Shooting starts: 10.00am

Please note that only longbows may take part in this tournament for insurance reasons and as it involved two-way shooting. If you have any queries please contact the TO Elaine.

BBQ Catering TBA.

Chocolate & other cakes and coffee, tea or squash also available as usual.

There will be a short comfort break at the change of distance. “The Fakenham Longbow Rule” has been amended and the complimentary sherry or orange juice will be available after shooting.

You can also enter the Warwick Tournament (UK Record Status) held in the afternoon of the Saturday and the Mayday Tournament on the Sunday. If you enter more than one shoot you can pay once at the end of the process.


The Tri-Bow Challenge: Shoot Longbow at the Longbow Meeting, then Recurve at one of the UKRS events & Compound at the other. Correct rounds for age/gender. Highest total score wins! Please indicate on your entry forms if you wish to enter this Challenge – No extra fee.


When you enter competitions the following information may be collected and shared with tournament organisers, scoring systems and other competitors by publicised documents (target lists, results etc): First Name, Surname, Gender, Bow style, Date of Birth / Age category, Email, Address, Phone number, Club (and ID), County (and ID), Region (and ID), Round (unless defined by age), Disabled (Y/N), Disability info.


Results for 2019 Longbow tournament can be downloaded here
Well done to all who took part.