252 Awards


Fakenham Bowmen is keen to encourage all members to develop their abilities so we have adopted the 252 Award Scheme.

The 252 award scheme is designed to help you practice your shooting at different distances and recognise your achievements.

After 6 sighters, you shoot 3 dozen arrows on a 122cm face at your chosen distance. The round can be shot at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 or 100 yards with the aim of scoring 252 or better (alternative scores apply for other bow types, see table below). If you achieve the score twice you can claim a badge.

This award is primarily for beginners and will be free for them to enter, normally the beginner is only someone who has started shooting for that outdoor season only, but for this award we will be classing beginners as anyone who started in any of last years last years induction courses.

Experienced members of the club is welcome to shoot and claim an award for a small charge of just £2 per badge.

The Rules:

Six sighters to be followed immediately by three dozen scored arrows.
5-zone scoring (Gold = 9, Red = 7, Blue = 5, Black = 3, White = 1) using a 122cm target face.
The three dozen arrows may be shot alone or as the first three dozen of a longer Imperial round.
Badges must be claimed in sequence.
Scores need to be achieved twice to qualify for the award.
Qualifying scores for a given distance must be shot on different days, only one round or attempt per shooting day
To make an award claim 2 signed score sheets needs to be submitted
The round must be shot under normal shooting conditions and scoring which means don’t score your own or a family members arrows.
The two score sheets and the completed claim form (download here) must be given to Andy, if the scores are part of a round the score sheets will be passed on to Ken after the award is given
The award badges will be presented to the successful archer on completion of the second score.
The awards and scores are as follows:


Dist (yards) Recurve Compound Longbow Barebow
20 252 280 164 189
30 252 280 164 189
40 252 280 164 189
50 252 280 164 189
60 252 280 164 189
80 252 280 126 164
100 252 280 101 139